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"Positive outcome - I was offered a new position! My consultant helped me update and modernise my CV and get started on LinkedIn and networking. He provided sensitive, constructive and useful advice throughout the process. This was very useful as it allowed me to effectively prepare for interviews and go into them feeling confident."  Finance Manager

"I had a really positive experience - my consultant was friendly and was interested in my progress after our meeting."  Administrator

"My consultant has been absolutely brilliant. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the recruitment field that is definitely beneficial. He's very approachable and is excellent at explaining the reasoning for his recommendations on approaching my CV & LinkedIn updates, job search & interviews. The 24x7 Online Career Portal is also extremely impressive with a depth of information and guides."  Manager

"Going through the programme helped me focus on my strengths and I got some great support to develop my CV for roles that my skill set were suited for."  Human Resources

"My consultant was wonderfully approachable and she sometimes inconvenienced herself in order to bring professional support and guidance to me under some difficult and trying circumstances."  Engineer

"I do want to thank you and the Career Partners team for your assistance during my move to my new role.  You guys were professional, supportive and most of all guiding." Managing Director

"I had excellent assistance from CPI - my consultant developed a customised programme for my career transition and was extremely helpful and very professional.  She took a lot of time to understand my past employment, my current situation, core strengths, skills and helped me to understand what position and company would be most suitable for me.  I learnt many new things such as new job search methods, networking and LinkedIn." CFO

"The whole team that I dealt with were very supportive from the outset and went out of their way to help (or at least that's the way it felt to me). I had a great rapport with all of them and I felt that my goals were achieved in the short time I had with CPI. I always felt comfortable talking to the team, which is extremely important when talking about any issues or insecurities with my career."  Account Manager

"My consultant was very good at helping me through a difficult time. She was a very good listener and gave good advice when I needed a boost."  Business Development

"Thanks for all your help.  I have definitely learnt a lot from our sessions including of course the need to be proactive and the importance of networking!  Both of which I will definitely continue to work on."  HR Business Partner

"A great service - I was in the redundancy situation and my thoughts and emotions were a bit scattered. This helped me to put them into perspective."  Administration

"Thank you for your coaching – your guidance has really enlightened me as to the current method of approaching the job market."  Operations Manager

"I've already recommended my consultant to friends who are also looking to change careers. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and really gave me a good boost of confidence every time I saw her."  Account Manager

"Overall the programme has been very helpful - especially in the areas of CV development and interviewing."  Engineer

"My Career Partners Consultant was fantastic and he has given me some of my confidence back, which I truly appreciate".  Officer

"Staff are very friendly and helpful - they really looked after their clients".  Payroll

"I cannot rate my consultant highly enough.  She then took me through an amazing journey of self discovery - I cannot thank her enough for her help, patience and genuine interest in assisting to restore my confidence and self believe to a level that I now have the tools and ability to go foward, that its all about 'me'. Thank you!" Branch Manager

"Thanks so much for all your encouragement, time and effort with me".  Marketing Manager (Leadership Coaching Programme)

"I really loved the help you guys gave me!  Your organisation has made such a difference in my CV and profile and gave me some really great ideas for the future." Analyst

"I was highly impressed with all the staff at CPI who made me feel very special and worthy of their attention. Many, many thanks." Sales Manager

“During our internal application process, the CPI Consultant had practical and helpful advice.  She explained her reasons well as to why she was suggesting changes to CV’s, applications etc.  Positive – and this has been the most beneficial factor.  I’ve watched staff go into their sessions quite heavy / dark in nature, to come back very positive and grateful of the assistance. Good outcome at this end.” People & Culture Manager (client)

"CPI has given me a wealth of information that I would not otherwise have gained. My CV now looks amazing, thanks to the fantastic work my consultants have given me and I can now not worry! Also guidelines on LinkedIn and adjusting to my new job will be invaluable. Consultants were extremely professional and I was very impressed with the service offered." Analyst

"As a transitional coach, Terry has been motivating, inspiring and even fun to work with.  Using intuitive skills and a structured approach he knows exactly when to push, pull, stir or support. I cannot recommend Terry highly enough to anyone who’s committed to making a step change forward in their career progression." Marketing & Communications Manager (Executive Coaching Participant) 

"I was successful at securing my role largely due to my consultant.  I went to the interview confident and well prepared.  Thanks to CPI, I've learned tips that I will take on board for the rest of my life." Service Manager (Internal Application Participant)

"I thought my consultant was fabulous and I really enjoyed my time with her.  She established rapport very quickly and got to the heart of who I am and what I'm about incredibly quickly." HR & Training Analyst

"My consultant is great to work with. She is very good at drawing out insights, collating that information and feeding it back. The feedback provided was surprising, insightful and very useful."  Commercial Manager

"Our employees spoke very highly of the Workshops and the services provided by CPI consultants. CPI demonstrated concern for the individual throughout the process, making sure each person got the support they required. The service CPI provided was invaluable to helping people affected by changes feel the organisation was taking their needs seriously."  Regional Service Delivery Manager (client)

"Thank you for all your help!  I was unsure of what career I would want to try and pursue after this change, but you have made me think more about other possibilities."  Planner

“Michelle Staples, the consultant, providing outstanding support over a 6 month period for a group of about 28 people whose roles were being outsourced. A series of workshops were run which were very well received and, over and above providing core technical support and assistance in CV writing and developing interview skills to help our employees find new roles, Michelle empowered them to make decisions and take their future into their own hands."  People Culture Manager (client)

" I just wanted to say thanks helping me with my interview technique.  It has been very beneficial and stimulating and has made me aware of many areas that I can certainly brush up on! I can even call it "enjoyable" and definitely well worth the investment. I couldn't have asked for better group to "criticise" me!  Marketing Manager

"Once again thanks for all your help - I have my contract now - so a happy end to my search.  I think what really helped was that you did not let me lose my faith in my ability as it would have been easy to have lowered my sights and taken a much lesser role.  However you did encourage me to keep my sights set high and really at this stage of my career I need to be still in a good position and also this is what I wanted too.  Thanks for believing in me and helping me on my way!"  Business Development Manager

"I engaged Terry McCloy to help me manage my transition. Terry has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve received first class assistance along the way and his insightful, experienced executive recruitment skills have helped me enormously to manage my way through the change after 20 years inside in same company.  I’ve had 4 serious job offers since I started with Terry. 3 were in NZ, and all were quality CE/GM roles. Whilst I can’t go into what I’ve turned down, I can say that thanks to Terry I’ve chosen a role that fits me well and one in which I am certain I can deliver enormous value."  CEO

"Just to let you know that I have just today accepted the new role and will be starting in a weeks time. 
Thank you very much for your assistance through this process - I found your advice and suggestions to be very beneficial and would not hesitate to recommend your services to others."  Manager