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Career Management

Returning Mums

Our Returning Mums is a highly effective programme which is designed to protect and retain your valuable talent. Becoming a Mum is a very wonderful and joyful occasion – and yet at times it can also be a potentially stressful experience. There is so much to balance and to plan!!

With our Returning Mums programme an experienced Senior Coach works with the future Mum to plan the next 12 months and to help them work through the transition from working every day to being a Mum.  And during the time the Mum is on parental leave our Senior Coach works with them to keep them involved, engaged and stimulated while at the same time working in partnership with them on planning their future re-integration back into their career role. Also over the first 3 months back in their role our Senior Coach will continue to work closely with the Mum to ensure that her work/life balance is managed effectively, to act as a sounding board on issues and to assist in quickly and effectively re-engaging in her role. As a result our Returning Mums programme helps protect and retain valuable talent and ensures that their transition is both smooth and seamless.


“Retirement” no longer means that a person stops working; rather, it is considered a period of transition where an individual re-focuses and re-balances his or her lifestyle to align with personal circumstances.  LifeOptions – Mapping Your Life Options® is a special programme for the mature workforce and helps employees prepare for this transition by assessing their retirement readiness and strategically planning for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle to bring renewed fulfilment.  In working with coaches certified in LifeOptions®, participants create a self-portrait of personal needs that guides them toward becoming fully invested in a new and rewarding lifestyle of their own design.

Career Planning

By helping employees proactively analyse and manage their careers, you can ensure your workforce is energised and employees are contributing in ways that are meaningful for them as well as the organisation. Sometimes this means the opportunity to advance into new roles. Sometimes it means the opportunity to develop new skills. And sometimes it means the opportunity to do the same job in new ways.  Working with expert career consultants who customise career planning and career management services to meet the needs of your employees, enable you to reap the rewards of a renewed and invigorated workforce.

Career Development

Create a culture of learning while empowering employees to manage their own careers! Career development initiatives prepare employees to achieve their professional goals and align them with the goals of the organisation. Through a variety of programmes, employees can keep their skills current, strengthen their knowledge, and explore the skills needed to pursue their career dreams. Programme designs may include assessment and feedback, planning, support, coaching and other tools that provide participants a transformational experience to reflect and rejuvenate their commitment. In addition, our career development experts can help employers design career paths for advancement of individuals across various organisational functions.

Leadership Development & Planning

Today’s business environment requires leaders who can effectively introduce new strategies, implement changes, engage the workforce and move their businesses beyond the competition. Through our leadership development programmes and coaching services, organisations can enhance current leader capabilities and prepare future leaders in capabilities such as coaching, conflict management, decision-making, delegating, mentoring, motivating, and performance management. 

Programmes can be designed to include assessment and feedback, action teams, coaching, and support to promote changes that align leadership and organisational performance. Our expert consultants recognise that each organisation has its own unique leadership development needs and competencies that are integral to their success. That’s why we customise programs to align with our client’s specific requirements and expectations and integrate them with any existing talent management initiatives in the organisation for a comprehensive and cohesive approach.