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Building Performance


When executives transition to a new role it is likely that they will want to develop themselves and also contribute something of value to the organisation – often quite quickly.  As a result executives will often overestimate their ability to succeed in a new role. Or often they will believe that to be successful in their new role all they need to do is to continue doing what they did in their last role.

Our Executive Onboarding programme assists executives moving into new roles (either internally or from outside) to develop the tools and the understanding of what is required to succeed as well as how to deliver value in their new role.  The result is a Win-Win for both the organisation and for the executive.

Our Executive Onboarding programme coaches provide a partnership with the executive that is designed to produce results that not only enable the executive to more a more effective contributor quickly - it also enables them to build a platform for long term sustainable success within the role.

Future Focus

After change there are always unsettled employees, sometimes there is survivor guilt and often a lack of clarity about the future. In many situations employees are also worried as to whether there may be more change coming and what the potential impact will be on them. Future Focus is a very powerful tool that answers all of these questions, it creates a high level of commitment across your organisation and enables your people to re-engage completely.  Its success lies in its ability to create a very clear, open and realistic understanding of what needs to be achieved and to understand the level of capability and commitment required to do this.

Our Future Focus one or two day programmes work through the goals that the organisation has set, understands how they can be achieved, discusses how to overcome the challenges and builds a commitment from each employee as to their contribution in the future. The result is highly committed employees who have completely re-engaged with the organisation and its future direction.

Retention Strategies

Top talent isn’t easily found. Organisations invest heavily in attracting and retaining employees, especially top talent.  The key isn’t about throwing attractive salaries and bonus packages at them – it’s about employing effective strategies to reinforce that they are working and growing with the right organisation.  We help employers develop effective retention strategies that not only retain employees but also keep them engaged by providing stimulating challenges, fostering career growth, increasing learning and development opportunities, and enhancing personal as well as business skills.

Succession Planning

What happens if a key manager retires tomorrow? What about your department leaders? Do you know which roles in your organisation are critical to the organisation’s success?  The best way to ensure business continuity and future success is to properly identify the most critical positions and determine who is prepared to assume those roles now, months from now, or even years from now.  Surprisingly, many organisations cannot even identify the roles that are critical to its success, much less who might be able to fill those roles if needed. While simple in concept, many struggle with and are just not adequately prepared for succession. We help organisations effectively identify critical roles, potential successors and create development plans to prepare individuals, teams and leaders for the future needs of the organisation.

Redeployment, Transfers & Promotions

Transitioning into new roles, new departments, new careers, or new locations can be exciting and even challenging at times. To help employees transition and on-board to be productive more quickly, we offer multiple resources that help employers communicate changes, retrain workers, prepare employees for new roles, and manage integration within the organisation. Our transition programmes promote timely assimilation to bolster the employees’ confidence, morale and contributions to the organisation’s success.

Spouse/Partner Relocation

Since most households today are supported by two working professionals, promotions or transfers requiring physical relocation could hamper a career.  To avoid such a hardship and alleviate the worries of relocating employees so they can focus on their new endeavour, our career consultants located around the world assist trailing spouses and partners in transitioning their careers and adapting to their new environments.